Tamela Thomas-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder Sold a Sick Puppy To Me Last Year!!

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Last July/August 2007 year when I was searching for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, I had found Tamela Thomas and her brother through Puppy Find. I contacted her about purchasing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy from her. She said that she had one little male puppy left and when I saw him, I was in love!! So, she met me half way from her home the next day and I had purchased him from her on the very next day. So, I purchased him from her for $500. Little did I know that he had a major Kennel Cough problem. I took him to my veterinarian in the Duluth, Georgia area.

She gave me a good 2 weeks worth of Clavamox for his Kennel Cough. I gave him all of the Clavamox that she (my veterinarian) prescribed for him and it still did not help with his Kennel Cough. I contacted the breeder's sister (Tamela Thomas) back about this puppy having Kennel Cough that my veterinarian had diagnosed. She had told me that it was not for her to deal with and that it was her brother's situation to deal with. She told me that she was only selling the puppy for him. She gave me her brother's contact information and I had contacted him two days after he had returned from Hong Kong, China.

I told him about the puppy's kennel cough. He told me that all of his littermates have never never had Kennel Cough. My vet told me that the reason why my puppy had Kennel Cough was due to neglectful breeders that had him exposed to places where Kennel Cough was present. So, I had spent an additional $300 at my vet's office for this puppy. I told Tamela's brother that I wanted a reimbursement of $800 and that I would return the puppy back to him as soon as I got my refund of $800. Well, he or his sister never did contact me back and I never got my money back either.

Her brother and herself are no long breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. However she does have and own a child care and child learning center in the Thomaston, Georgia area called Noah's Ark Child Care & Learning Center. I advise anyone with children not to take their child or children to her (Tamela's) child care and child learning facility.

This just goes to show that there are some good breeders out there and some not so good breeders out there. This just proves that Tamela and her brother were running a puppy mill and never ever really cared about any of the dogs and puppies that they've sold. This also proves that they were only in it for the money.

Well, since then I have had to re-home the puppy that they've sold me. I am sure that they have sold sick Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies to several other people too. I just hope that if they ever do breed Cavaliers again, that people will read this and not purchase a puppy from them ever!! Tamela and her brother are also very dishonest and not trustworthy people either.

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These lies were written about me from June Choi who lives in the Atlanta area.She didn't mind writing lies about me but was not bold enough to list her name.

The puppy she bought was my brother's puppy and I didn't have anything to do with the decisions that were made. I do know that the puppy did have a cough and it was on vet prescribed medications with the prognosis as great. June was given the choice of taking the puppy as is or leaving it with us until it was over the cough completely. She didn't want to wait on the puppy so she made the decision to take it and take care of it.

I was, at the time, an extremely responsible breeder of cavaliers with many happy cavalier owners but due to dealing with June and the poor quality of cavaliers that are now being bred I have gotten out of breeding any dog. It's a shame that someone can smear a good name on here just because she made a decision she didn't want to live with.

If you read this June, you know that you have lied about me.You have a lot of issues regarding buying dogs and the best thing that anyone can do is not ever sell you a dog of any kind so that their name won't appear on here like mine has.

to Tamela Thomas #1013124

Wow, sounds like you have a lot of personal knowledge to not be involved.Im glad i read this post.

I live in the area and will make sure to avoid Tamela Thomas and her brother. I will also avoid Noah's Ark Childcare Center. People who are dishonest in one business tend to be dishonest in other dealings.

If you were aware of the problems this person was having you should, as a human, help her get the help she needed rather than washing your hands and moving away from a bad business deal.Shame on you Tamela Thomas!

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